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Simply put, academic transcription is the process by which lectures, academic conferences, panel discussions, classroom recordings, dissertation materials, etc. are transcribed from oral words into written texts. People who require this kind of service are usually Graduate and PhD students, professors, academic researchers and other personnel from the academic circle.

University Transcription Services can also mean the conversion of written source into another format. As such, lectures, discussions and dissertations can be transformed into a digital version using university transcription.

Benefits of Using University Transcriptionist

There are many benefits associated with university transcription services. It's the prime reason as well why transcription services are booming and thriving these days. In fact, most university administrators and academic researchers are outsourcing their transcription needs from various companies. Students are also recognizing the benefits of using university transcription services for their lectures and classroom discussions especially those with hearing impairments.

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Our Services for University Lecture Transcription

University transcription services is highly recommended for the following academic undertakings:

  • ♣ Course Materials
  • ♣ Research Interviews
  • ♣ Faculty and Department Meetings
  • ♣ Focus group discussions
  • ♣ University Interview Transcription Service
  • ♣ Lectures and conferences
  • ♣ Academic Interviews

Academic research is a tedious task because it requires great deal of time and dedication which needs to be carried out in a systematic manner. Aside from the different sources of information which need to be thoroughly assessed and analyzed, there are other factors which need to be considered. So instead of spending time transcribing all the information you've gathered, it's advisable to use university transcription services so you can focus more on pressing matters.

Sure, you can transcribe your academic work but that would not be beneficial in the long run. For one, it's really time consuming especially if you don't have high typing speed. It's also vulnerable to grammatical and spelling errors, and small mistakes like these can affect your reputation and credibility.

New York University Transcription Services

Getting university transcription service is the only option because professional transcribers have the necessary skills and expertise to carry out high quality transcription jobs. They will provide you with error-free, reliable and affordable university transcription services.

If you happen to be a student in New York, just drop us a line. You can contact us through our toll-free hotlines, ONLINE CHAT, or even call-back option.

Because of the importance and the many benefits of university transcription, it is a must to outsource your transcription needs from a reputable company. When outsourcing university transcription services from a company, it is important to check the services that they offer. Budget is another consideration alongside delivery time and customer support.

University transcription should be an imperative resource tool for schools and students. It's a learning mechanism where information is effectively conveyed to the audience. In fact, there are schools and universities now that require professors to use university transcription.

All materials submitted to us are guaranteed to be safe and kept with high confidentiality. We sign non-disclosure agreement on our undertakings to protect our client.

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