Transcription Refund Policy:

• Our money-back policy for transcription runs for 15 days from the date of delivery.

• Should the customer reject final product later than 15 days due to qualitative factors, the customer pays a 30% fee for counter-checking and 50% for re-doing.

• The money-back option is only exercisable for files classified as Grade A/Superior Quality and B/High-quality video.

• Where issues such as quality arise, we first proofread before proceeding to responding to requisitions for money-back.

• The requisition will be approved if the output of further cross-checking is not in conformity with our projected quality levels and standards. A reviewed copy should also be sent by the client.

• The money-back policy explicitly with poor quality audio and hand-written documents.

•The accuracy assurance does not include Rush projects and substandard quality audio files

•The turnaround time starts only upon the completion of the payment, and not from the time of file upload.