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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Focus Group Transcription By Specialists

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  US : 1-800-230-7918    
UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Competitive Focus Group Transcription Services

Companies still rely on focus group discussions or in-depth interviews to gather raw data for their qualitative market research ventures. Videos, audiotapes, DVDs, digital audio files and voice response tools capture oral discourse while focus group transcription renders a written version of the sessions. Focus group in market research involves an organized conversation relating to a set of individuals to elicit information on their perspectives and experiences on a given topic.

Our focus group transcribers with discipline-specific expertise can demonstrate the views and perspectives of participants. Businesses, government agencies, and academic researchers now conduct focus groups discussions across numerous cultures; transcription ensures consistency in research and data comparability.

Professional Focus Group Transcription Services

As a useful tool for research in the business world, companies now outsource their focus group transcription services to us, to stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days when the moderator would spread themselves too thin and interpose in trying to jot down notes. With digital recording technology, you can quickly fulfill the aim of focus group sessions in retaining as much information from each participant.

Our transcription services comes into play when you need to type the dialogue to mine data, edit the document and re-purpose content for publishing or sharing. In the wake of globalization, focus groups conducted across different cultures and countries on the same topic have increased. Only a native transcriber well-versed with the linguistic and cultural nuances can draw upon participant's attitudes, experiences, impacts, beliefs, and reactions by listening to multi-speakers speech. Unlike interviews, focus group transcriptionists go the extra mile beyond obtaining personal views to draw out a multiplicity of opinions and emotional reactions in a grouping context. We offer transcription services in a range of cities, such as San Bernardino, Oakland, Corvallis, Tallahassee, Citrus Heights, and numerous additional locations.

Focus Groups Transcription Rates-Pay A Flat Rate for Plethora Savings

In research projects involving focus group sessions, the approach allows a researcher to collate larger quantities of data in a shorter time. A bevy of service providers online have impressive pricing structures and focus group transcription rates assessed per minute of audio or hour under a fixed price. Given that focus group discourse involves multiple participants, you need correct speaker identification to gather data from each person's standpoint.

So, we at Vanan Transcription, have waived speaker identification fees; this saves plethora cash for companies that order in bulk. The aggregate costs of transcribing focus depend on factors such as audio quality, background noises, distortions, and turnaround times required. With a set of participants, focus group sessions get heated up and speech marred by ambiguity on who spoke and what they said. Recording a clean, super quality sound can cut back the overall costs as it makes it easier to transcribe speech if you entrust it to our company which has unbeatable focus group transcription rates.

Focus Group Transcribing for Companies & Organizations

Companies launching products or conducting trials can tap into focus group transcribing to evaluate, develop and reshape their ideas based on responses. In addition to the responses based on the topic at hand, the discussion may generate other ideas; our transcription captures everything for analysis later. In focus group sessions, besides verbalization, the moderator sometimes subtly probes and restates responses. Our professional transcribers seasoned in multiple-speaker speech will extract the cross-pollination of ideas that may not crop up in interviews and surveys. Upload your files now to start your project.

Our focus group transcribers demonstrate a cross-fertilization of ideas amongst participants with a word-for-word transcript that renders deepness and insight for research queries and contextualize qualitative data. Focus groups involve leading questions, forced-choice questions, and double-barreled questions. Our expert transcribers concisely represent this together with responses to yield reliable data. Focus group transcription services help researchers encourage interactions around a subject area, seek complexity of answers and act as a complementary tool to other methods by looking at the discussion through another lens.

Our native and discipline-specific transcribers versed with academic content, corporate governance, scientific research and so forth convert participants' speech into text. With a written account of the discussion, you can frame the concept from member's point of view, interpret meaning, widen the stronghold of understanding and contextualize qualitative data. Contact us for further info regarding anything.

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