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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Spectacular Spanish Transcription

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  US : 1-800-230-7918    
UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Professional and Accurate Spanish Transcription Services

We, Vanan Transcription with a team of native Spanish and English transcribers meet the demands of different industries such as legal, medical, corporate, entertainment, software and much more. Our native transcribers with bicultural fluency in the two languages and excellent typing speed, impeccable grammar, accuracy, and proofreading mastery can transcribe audio excellently. Their exceptional computer literacy allows professionals to type and proofread documents to scalpel-like precision. No matter however difficult the task maybe, we always ensure the highest accuracy.

Spanish Transcription Rates-Flat Rate Per Audio Minute

We offer the lowest Spanish transcription rates. in spite of quick online solutions and verbatim transcripts for focus groups, interviews, phone conversations, conferences, podcasts, and other media. Spanish in Latin America and Spain Peninsular dialects have different accents, grammatical conventions, and pronunciation discrepancies. But, our Spanish transcribers jointly render the fastest turnarounds in a shorter space of time.

In addition to dialectal variations, Spanish audio recordings have native nuances, lexical features, and grammar that call for a seasoned transcriber. Our professionals perform Spanish to Spanish transcription of audio files with time stamps notwithstanding distortions, accents and cultural nuances. Digital audio recordings from industries such as legal, law enforcement, marketing, media, and medical differ on the prices given the complexity and specialized terminologies.

Additionally, the length of the recorded minutes of your digital files loaded by us for transcription will determine the costs of the project. For rush orders turnarounds, you just have to choose an add on pack for an extra cost. The audio format, background noises, sound quality, and accents tend to inch prices up. Our Spanish transcription company ahead of the pack offers free speaker identification and time codes, this can slash your budget with huge savings.

Spanish to English Transcription Services

Since the Spanish explorers ventured into continental America hundreds of years ago, Castilian Spanish has evolved into dialects that different heavily from the parent language. Due to the intercourse between the US and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, Spanish to English transcription and vice versa has seen mass spikes.

Our Spanish transcriber with bilingual fluency can translate any material such as eLearning content, interviews, phone calls, conferences, seminars, webinars and PowerPoint from English into Latin American or Peninsular Spain Spanish. You can entrust our Spanish transcription services online with pocket-friendly per minute rates and convenient turnaround time.

In the US alone, the Latino population who use Spanish has risen exponentially in states such as California, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona estimated at 37 million. With the prevalence of Spanish at the international stage, Spanish to English translation and transcription facilitates communication for their workforce and marketing teams.

Online Spanish Transcription-Economical, Flexible & Customizable

Professional Spanish transcription services feed into the growing demands by businesses, marketing agencies, law enforcement units, medical practices and facilities, law offices, etc. A screened Spanish linguist can help you manage, translate, transcribe and understand communications in their native language. Our Spanish transcription company can code transcripts in either Spanish or English and analyze the discourse, edit and proofread content before delivery to the client. Our agents are available 24/7, contact them.

If your business interacts with the Spanish clientele or workforce, Spanish translation for English audiovisuals such as instructional manuals and commercials will give you the upper hand. With an online Spanish transcription services, your recordings undergo extra layers of quality grading, proofreading, and editing for a superior quality output aligned to time and budget constraints. In the wake of a globalized marketplace, Spanish transcription demands have increased sharply for instructional and eLearning materials, audio recordings and subtitles.

We provide services for films, broadcasts, documentaries, conferences, meetings, interviews, seminars, lectures, panel discussions and focus group discussions. We have a far-reaching network of bilingual Spanish transcribers habituated in transcription, translation and rendering accurate textual output. Readily-accessible workforce and advanced technology allow us to convert recorded digital audio files into searchable and coded text format. Submit your files today.

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