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  US : 1-866-200-5406    
UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Importance Of Skilled Transcriber in delivering accurate Skype Transcription.

Skype keeps people together when they are apart. A group can hold a meeting by using features offered by Skype like chatting using the message box, communicate with other members using voice or video. Use it on your smartphone, computer or a TV with a Skype feature. In case a member is a non-English speaker Skype can convert the language which will appear in the message box.

Skype is for free. But if you want to do more things, you have to pay a little amount. Things like calling phones or send SMS to bring your loop of workers, clients, and associates organized to get work done.In case, you want a Skype transcription of the meeting, a group member can do this. The assigned person can go through the message history or play back the audio or video recording and prepare a Skype transcription. But not everyone can prepare an accurate replica of the conversation during the meeting.

For the inexperienced, it will take a lot of man-hours before a Skype transcription can be accomplished. Most likely, it will be riddled with errors that might turn off the interest of the reader. There will be words missing or misspelled in the Skype transcription that will not give a precise account of the proceeding. Time stamping or time coding and speaker’s identification are not in sync or might be missing in the documentation.

As a result, there will be inaccuracies that will render the Skype transcription useless.Our skype transcription services can save those man-hours, organize the text by topic and reflect the time a speaker start and end his or her talk. And the speakers are mentioned in the material for an accurate account of the meeting.

Honest Skype transcription rates

Vanan Transcription offers affordable Skype transcription which is considered a bargain with the quality service that we provide. All prices are divulged upfront, fret not with despicable fees that other companies charge come payment time. We stand by the prices we present in our free quote and commit to the delivery date and everything in between.

Once you accept the offer, our free quote automatically becomes an agreement between you and our company. We are bounded to comply whatever is stated, no matter how big or small your Skype transcription is.

You are in total control of the Skype transcription services that you need. Our Skype transcription rates will be itemized based on your order in the filled-up form so that you will know how much the project will cost. Submit your files today.

Online Skype transcription service by a Professional Company

Have a peaceful mindset as your project is in capable hands. Our online Skype transcription service are done by professional native speaking native transcribers who were selected based on their skill, experience, and credentials. The completed work is proofread to get rid of mistakes before a Skype transcription is submitted. Chat with our executives to know more. We keep abreast with modern technology that allows us to submit a project on or ahead of a deadline.With a professional workforce and modern technology, we can assure that our online Skype transcription service conveys the message of the audio recording, formatted according to your needs, and error-free.

To have a glimpse of the quality of our Skype transcription you can request for a free 5-minute trial for an English transcription and a special 15 – minute trial for over 20 hours of recording. We are the one-stop solution to all of your online needs, we provide translation, subtitling/closed captioning, voice over, dubbing, typing, writing, medical billing, and video production. To know more of our Skype transcription services get in touch with our live 24/7 customer support through our toll-free hotline numbers or online chat.

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