Transcription services rates


Flat $/ min
  • 12-hour turnaround
  • 80-85% accuracy
  • Less than 50% accuracy for poor audio
  • Verbatim only
  • Inaccurate speaker tracking
  • Affected by the speaker's accent
  • Paragraph breaks/punctuation marks


Starting at $ / min
Best Value
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • 98%+ Accuracy
  • Starts at $0.25/min for Audio Time Coding
  • Additional $0.25/min for Verbatim
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Effective Accent Experts
  • Starts at $0.10/min for Multiple Speakers
  • Note: Only spoken English audio is currently supported. Accuracy may be lower for automated transcripts in case of non-American speakers, poor audio quality, distant speakers, distortions, background and/or ambient noise.

Free samples for files within 3 minutes (in English) will be delivered in 6-12 Hours.

File Length Offer Price/minute
More than 20 Hours
30% $0.70
More than 10 Hours
20% $0.80
More than 5 Hours
10% $0.90
Up to 5 Hours
- $1.00
Bulk Orders
Custom offers
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File Length Turnaround Time
Up to 1 hour
2 business days
1 to 2 hours
3 business days
2 to 4 hours
6 business days
4 to 8 hours
8 business days
Rush Delivery
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Note : Different rates apply to US Native Transcribers.

Safe & Secure Payment

Rates for Language Transcription

Source To Source Language Starting from $3.99/min
Source to Target Language Starting from $4.90/min

Note : Rates vary for rare languages.

Value Added Services

We charge a very nominal fee for time stamping (coding) and verbatim transcriptions

Additional Services Rate
Verbatim $0.25/min
Time stamping / Time coding $0.25/min
Legal Transcription
With Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)
Without Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)

Comprehensive & Exceptional Services

Speaker Identification Free
Note : (Limited only to 5 speakers)
File Type .AIFF/AIF, .MOV, .CD, .MP3, .MP4, .WMV, .DDS, .AMR, .CAF, .DVD, .FLV, .AVI, .M4A, .MSV, .WMA and other custom formats
Length of the audio Unlimited

Many people mistake affordable transcription service rates for poor quality or substandard work. This is often misconstrued as a simple task that lets one hold a piece of paper containing the text an audio or video file. On the contrary, the best quality transcription service rates can produce the same results on par with the pricey one. “How is that possible?” may be the first question that strikes your mind.

With the growing demand for transcription services, many business solutions providers compete to come up with the best professional transcription rates in the market just to attract customers. Transcription involves the process of expertly converting digital, audio and video files into text format and allows it to be used for a lot of purposes, especially for using the text which is to be encoded on the internet through social media, data for summaries in websites to support video and audio feeds, just to name a few.

Some of the key factors you need to determine with providers that have good transcription
service rates are:

  • Guaranteed high-quality output
  • World-class quality service standards
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy submission and delivery options

Yes, you should be, because you do it for your personal welfare. There are several ways business solutions providers charge for the services. There are transcription service rates per minute where providers charge a certain amount for a minute of playback using audio or video files. There are those that charge transcription rates per hour, which is based on their transcription service rates per hour or playback.

These professional transcription rates depend on the service provider and are often presented as an option for short or long files. Short files may be offered rates per minute, while larger files can be charged rates per hour, depending on the need.

There are transcription service rates per word, but usually charged for document transcriptions following after rates per minute for a short clip requiring transcription.

When looking for the right choice of transcription rates for your needs, you may want to use transcription rates per minute as a benchmark. These are the common charges usually offered by business solutions providers to clients who may need to rely on standard transcription services. Transcription rate, although, come cheaper the more files that you require for transcripts, but it is always wise to make an estimate on the amount of work that is needed.

Take for example the features and services offered by business solutions providers. Transcription rates for their services are often supported by a free quote that they offer. What you need to do is send over a file source, which will then be assessed based on the length and volume of the work needed. In minutes, you receive the cost estimate of the project, and you will then be provided with the best available options for transcription rates for the service you need.

Always remember to think of the many ways that you can use your valuable recorded data to help you get ahead so make sure to get the quality service with the best transcription rates. No matter how you store information and data resources; technology will always contribute to making good use of that resource by extracting it from your data banks and having it organized in ways that can help you harness it for sharing thoughts and ideas, as well as using it for content in your websites, research data and more.

So the next time you want to take on a transcription service, it would be wise to also take into consideration the need to check on and enjoy reasonable transcription service rates.