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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Adept University Research Transcription

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  US : 1-800-230-7918    
UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Shine with our University Research Transcription Services

Being one of the top university research transcription companies, Vanan Transcription ahead of the curve help students compile raw data for dissertations, course projects, and Ph.D. thesis by rendering clean, excellent transcripts aligned to their faculty content and style. Our professional transcription offers a framework for the rigorous presentation of research information. Proposals, thesis, dissertation and research papers are vital written works that must communicate complex ideas.

Only our discipline-specific transcribers well-versed with your domain’s terminologies, subject matter and interviewee’s peculiarities can fish out an accurate and super quality transcript. Vetted academic transcriptionists ensure you convey ideas from qualitative research and other raw data clearly and tersely. They also ensure you adhere to format, methodology and style guidelines laid down by your faculty for verbatim or edited transcripts.

Online University Research Transcription Services

Students who outsource university research transcription services to us for recordings such as qualitative research save time as the raw data gets distilled down to fewer, manageable pages presentable to examiners. Although transcribing chunks of raw data is now widespread across many faculties and graduate requisites, some institutions require the text to capture and highlight the most important elements.

Qualitative research involves interviewees whose speech is characterized by disturbances or interruptions, technical and linguistic nuances, overly long or short answers, and unfathomable accents. Our transcript renders speech in electronic textual form with more accessibility for analysis. Seasoned academic transcriptionists can represent audio with detailing and multifaceted perspectives to help you fashion an accurate presentation of the discourse and thus allow reconstruction.

We never outsource or subcontract your projects to any other transcription service company, instead we have our own in-house facilities including transcriptionists and translators for dashing your projects at lightning speed at the same time never compromising on accuracy.

They strike a balance between accurate representation and reasonable constraints to avoid a sprawling transcript with overkill details. A well-versed transcriber from our team with familiarity in your field will navigate the curve balls for realistic representation and compression. He accurately crafts the multi-faceted verbal discussion by codifying into a linear, one-dimensional document. Send files to us today to get a free cost estimate.

Online Technical University Research Transcription

Students who have no time on their hands to listen in hours of recordings from qualitative research, lectures, focus group discussions and other discourse can count on online university research transcription from our top-class services. Our network of transcribers render readability for transcripts by adapting dialectal and colloquial communication into standard language.

A detailed transcription complying with a whole range of transcribing conventions is required where subsequent analysis is not pegged on the semantic information of the discourse. In such circumstances, prosodic features such as intonation, emphasis, volume, pace, and pitch are incorporated. While uncomplicated transcripts for undergraduate and Master’s theses can be painlessly created in word processors, others such as Ph.D. qualitative data need specialized tools to deal with the buildup in complexity.

Our professional transcriptionists are versed with specialized data analysis tools to process dozens of interview hours with consistency, accuracy, and customization. Our team of transcribers habituated with different qualitative research for a broad range of disciplines can convert speech accurately and quickly. They give you more time to write and compile the other parts of your thesis or dissertation. They can insert time stamps to enable you to scan the transcript for mistakes, notions about an interviewee or semantic peculiarities much later during the analytic phase.

University Research Transcription Rates

Researchers can leverage university research transcription rates at half cheap the price with quality grade monitoring and consistency. We charge a fixed rate for audio with online calculators to estimate net costs with precision. If your audio recordings have poor sound quality, background distortions, thick accents, and need a rush order, the costs can be higher.

However, you cannot entrust an amateur as qualitative or quantitative research for university due to distinct concepts, technical terms, and acronyms. Professional transcription by a reliable service provider like us ensures your transcript adheres to stringent requisites about length, format or style of representing qualitative research. If your university research and writing involves qualitative methods, outsourcing transcription renders an analytical approach to extract and incorporate data into your final piece. Give your project a head start by uploading your files now.

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