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  US : 1-866-200-5406    
UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Video to text transcription boosts keyword diversity

In order to maximize the benefits of online marketing or to speed up information campaigns, you need to create a perfect combination of embedded videos and interesting written contents using a video transcription. Video transcription helps people find exactly what they need, complement their daily activities, and acquire new skills by means of transcripts. Apart from this, it also provides easy access to viewers with hearing problems or to those who cannot understand the source dialect through the process of captioning and subtitle respectively.

There are a number of compelling reasons why a video transcription is very important in today's daily living. The written contents found on the web, in fact, are more appealing to students, professionals, and online users when looking for trending topics, concepts, and new skills. Videos are now accompanied with links, keywords, tags, and few lines of written contents on the websites to draw internet traffic, thus, making them appear multiple times on the search engines.

Furthermore, the transcripts are great sources of information that can create news articles, web contents, video captions, and language translation. Web designers utilize the video transcription as keyword strategy, captions for better visibility, and direct links to subscription pages. This would eventually increase visitors, customer engagement, and product sales for many online businesses.

Today, online service providers are becoming diversified, assisting global communities to expand their reach through professional video transcription services. Online video transcription services are carried out by certain individuals who have the exceptional listening skills to transcribe audio or video sources perfectly. Following the growing market demands for high-quality transcription, Vanan, the undisputed ISO 9001:2015 Standards company is here to provide global clients certified video transcription services covering over 100 international languages.

There are more than 800 transcribers working under our global network in order to accommodate more regional languages and foreign companies worldwide. Our video transcription services charge may increase depending on language availability, source length, and turnaround details.

Search engines cannot view the embedded videos the same way humans do. However, they are able to access the video information quickly by locating the text information like descriptions, links, keywords, and image captions. This is why the application of video to text transcription is critical to making SEO for videos work effectively.

The excerpts of a certified video transcription are used to generate keyword listings which are very important for online businesses and services. For general purposes, a video to text transcription is produced as a plain document either printed or in a digital format. The transcript appears very helpful for professionals during business meetings, academic lectures, and research works. This document is also useful on online video platforms where you can put a summary of the video source to inform your viewers what to expect from it.

There are different forms of video transcription that complement various industries like business, education, medical, legal, and entertainment. Here are the types of sources we accept for our video transcription services:

  • Business – explainer videos, television or radio commercials, voice messages, focus group, and web conferencing
  • Academics – dissertation, classroom lectures, research presentations, and academic forums
  • Medical – patient interviews, medical conventions, healthcare board meetings, medical lectures, and doctor's notes.
  • Legal – recorded proceedings, witness testimonials, law enforcement operations, case investigations, and lawyer statements
  • Government – press conference, public announcements, congressional hearings, cabinet meetings, and official interviews
  • News and entertainment - celebrity interviews, news broadcast, live news feeds, press conference, television or radio documentaries, movie films, and television series

You can upload these above-mentioned sources directly to our secure server, fill up the order form, and receive a free quote immediately. To ensure project confidentiality, we issue an NDA agreement for our clients and transcribers before we commence. For more information, you can contact us using toll-free numbers, live chat services, and call back process anytime.

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