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4 Industries where Transcription services are a boon

Transcription has been a rapidly growing industry with a lot of people wanting to transcribe their files into a textual format. Having a heavy demand for this service, there are some major industries who need the know how on transcription services.  From having to record events to creating reference materials or making specific contents searchable, writing books, the ROI on transcription is huge. The advantage list can be inestimable, but to start off with, let’s see what are the 4 major industries that need transcription services.

Media companies

We all know how important media and its time sensitivity is. A blink or distraction can cause a huge mishap on an interview. It is advisable to always take professional help to stay on the whiter side of your professional life. Whether it is about audio files transcription or video files transcription, a few Online transcription service companies have a very good turnout rate in terms of time and accuracy. Record your press release, interview, speech or anything you would want and hand it over to them! The rest is assured.

Legal companies

 A law firm or a court reporter has to be attentive, at all times. You cannot give a chaotic work when legal professionals are involved. To avoid bigger effect, lawyers record audios of their court hearing. Or, if you are a law-firm rooting for an evidence that has to be transcribed, then court transcription services are essential. A professional service company ensures considerably cheap transcription services and guarantees confidentiality.


Whether it is a minute meeting with the investors or a financial meeting where the CEOs discuss performances, transcription help is a definite yes. These discussions have to be recorded and transcribed as they would require documentation for future or archival purposes. Business Voicemail Transcription is yet another convenient way to check up on messages and respond in no time, where the message left on phone gets automatically transcribed to your email or message folder as texts. You can try the free transcription services that any of the online app provides to understand how exactly it works.

Market researcher

A market researcher must always be on his toes while collecting various feedbacks, conducting interviews, addressing research groups, focus groups and other outreach programs. If you use Transcription websites online, you can easily collect all the data and transcribe the material into textual format. Benefits? You will not misquote anyone, or your research will not have a vague response if you get your answers transcribed.

If you are a company that requires transcription services, you don’t have to think twice to approach us! We at Vanan transcription provide Transcription services, giving you the best experience in this world.

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