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Turn to Vanan Transcription when you need accurate, affordable, and high-quality human transcription services in Oakland to convert your voice into meaningful words.
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Professional Business Transcription Service for Growth

Our professional Oakland transcription services allow businesses to make spoken words simple for readers to understand. Some of the largest companies in Oakland, like Kaiser Permanente, WOJRC, Globetouch,, etc., produce lots of audio and video data daily. As a transcription company, we provide clients with affordable transcriptions in a short time. Our prices start at $1.00/minute for standard trandcription and $2.00/minute for legal transcription.

Transcribing important business information makes it engaging for the deaf and hard-of-hearing employees and audience too. We have transcribed for clients around the world, making their business information scalable and engaging. Snow Park is only 0.3 miles from our location. We can transcribe Board meetings, Dictations, Conferences, Webinars, Earning calls, Focus group market research, etc.

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Vanan Transcription

330 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612
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Monday to Friday, 8.30 AM – 5 PM

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A dedicated team of professional transcriptionists providing high-quality academic transcription services in Oakland.

Quality Academic Transcription Services in Oakland

Your search for quality academic transcription ends with us. Our transcription company in Oakland excels in providing transcriptions to students, teachers, researchers, educational institutes, and academicians. Oakland High School, Oakland Technical High School, Lincoln University, California College of the Arts, etc., are some renowned institutions in Oakland.

We provide accurate and timely transcriptions to help you meet timelines and excel in your field. All your complex educational requirements can be fulfilled by our subject experts and language specialists. You can access our location 1.2 miles from Lake Merritt. Our Oakland transcription agency provides transcriptions of

arrow Seminars
arrow E-learning materials
arrow Presentations
arrow Interviews, focus groups, etc.
A certification stamp symbolizing quality assurance in transcription services, signifying accuracy and reliability in Oakland.

Trusted Certified Transcription Services in Oakland

When you need trusted certified medical transcription or legal transcription, turn to transcribers at Vanan Transcription. Our transcription company in Oakland provides valuable certified transcriptions of audio and video for all purposes. With a team of ATA transcribers at our company we provide verbatim and intelligent transcripts.

Our effective language transcription services include transcription of court recordings, witness statements, medical reports, etc. The famous Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is just 1 mile from our location. Visit us to learn about our certified transcriptions and more.

Professional linguists providing affordable and accurate multilingual transcription services for diverse languages in Oakland.

Affordable Multilingual Transcription Services by Linguists

For affordable multilingual transcription services in Oakland, we are the most acclaimed name located at 19th Street. Oakland consists of various ethnic groups speaking over 125 different languages and dialects. To accommodate the needs of our clients, we transcribe in every major and rare language with 99% accuracy.

Our transcribers are linguistic experts having in-depth knowledge of language nuances and grammar. They transcribe flawlessly to match the cultural preferences of the readers. If you are visiting the Pardee Home Museum, we are just 1 mile away. Our language experts also provide professional financial transcription to clients at low prices. Some of the languages we transcribe are:

arrow Arabic
arrow Portuguese
arrow Swedish
arrow Turkish
arrow Dutch
arrow Italian
arrow Japanese, etc.

High-Quality Industry Transcription Services

High-quality industry transcriptions are important when you want to share information with employees, clients, and potential customers. Vanan Transcription boasts a large team of qualified transcribers with different industry backgrounds. Our transcribers possess excellent listening skills, making transcriptions 99% accurate and high-quality.

Our transcriptions make the spoken information easy to find and more understandable irrespective of the accent. Major industries in Oakland are business and health care services, light manufacturing, government, food processing, transportation, etc. Ricoh USA, Aroma Cafe, and Mountain Mike's Pizza are famous businesses around us.

Professional transcribers working on industry transcription services in Oakland, delivering high-quality results for diverse sectors.
Professional providing transcription services in Oakland ensuring confidentiality and accuracy.

100% Secure Transcription Services in Oakland

Are you looking for a transcription service that guarantees 100% security while transcribing your files? If yes, you have come to the right place. At Vanan Transcription, we provide secure and confidential transcription services to clients. Keeping client data secure is our number 1 priority.

We safeguard our systems with the help of SSL encryptions and sign non-disclosure agreements, so your information is protected. Thousands of clients globally trust us with their sensitive information, and we never let them down. You can reach our location 0.3 miles from Cathedral Building.

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How to Find Us? - Our Location

You will find our office in 330 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.
Tel: (510) 726-7819
Nearby places
Emeryville, California
2.02 miles
Piedmont, California
2.55 miles
Berkeley, California
4.65 miles
Albany, California
5.89 miles

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the nearest subway station to your company?
19th St Oakland is the nearest subway to our location. You can reach us conveniently from the subway station.
Is your company located near Bonsai Garden?
Yes, it covers only 0.9 miles from Bonsai Garden to our office location. If you are visiting the garden, we are easily accessible from there. Visit us to learn more about our transcription services.
What is the rate of transcribing audio?
There is no fixed charge for transcribing audio. Our rates depend on the audio length, language, subject, and timeline. You can get an exact quote by sending us your project details.
Do you use machines for transcription?
No. We provide 100% human transcription services to all our clients. Your files are transcribed by qualified and skilled human transcribers who possess subject expertise and language excellence. Contact us 24/7 for any queries related to our services.